Tom Brosseau – Cradle Your Device – Live at the Foundry Hall

Tom Brosseau (& Andru Bemis) played a lovely show for us last November at Foundry Hall. They played a number of folk spirituals, together and separately, and also original songs. This song, Cradle Your Device, is off Tom’s new CD – Grass Punks. Pretty song, especially since Tom has such a beautiful voice. If you get a chance, listen to this song from the CD too. It has another instrument in it, a high end sound, that is not in the live performance. Listen to it here >>>

Lipbone Redding – live at the Foundry Hall – Dogs of Santiago

Lipbone Redding – WOW – played an incredible show at Foundry Hall last night. Really engaging performer, and I use that term performer completely. He tells stories that set the scene for each song, and the songs from this singer/songwriter are so real it is obvious that he’s lived them, felt the content of them himself, in his soul. He’s most noted for his ability to imitate accurately brass instruments, and he does that with amazing style, but what I loved was the content of the songs. He took us to Chili in this song about the dogs of Santiago. I felt as if I went there with him, seeing the place from his mind’s eye, feeling it through his music.

Paul Hogan – Open Mic – live at the Foundry Hall

Paul Hogan plays ‘Imagine That’ at Foundry Hall’s monthly (4th Wednesdays) Open Mic, which Paul hosts each month and also brings some amazing treats for everybody made by his great wife, Mary Hogan. This particular night we had her always tasty chocolate chip cookies and also pound cake and strawberries on a stick slathered in chocolate… really good. So come to open mic and share your talents – music, poetry, storytelling, juggling… – in front of a friendly audience that loves to applaud. It’s a really warm, friendly environment for everyone involved, including the audience.